Capital City Guitar Camp

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We believe that learning music is a perfect way to enrich a young person's life.  The rewards and benefits gained by dedication to an art form such as playing guitar teaches appreciation, boosts confidence, and gives the student a skill they can use for a lifetime.

Our camp offers classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, with games, events for students and parents, and free concerts by guest musicians every day!

​Concert schedule for the 2018 June camp! All shows are 1:30-2pm:

Mon: Hora Once Tango!  Hora Once is a Tango trio led by camp director Adam Carney.  Sensational Colombian vocalist Ana Barajas sings with passion and intensity, along with local Austin music legend Mike Maddux on accordion and bandoneon.

Tues: The Austin Troubadours!  Headed by camp instructor and Childbloom teacher Slobodan Vujisic, the Austin Troubadours is an international group of instrumentalists and singers whose mission is to revive the beauty of musical masterpieces from Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  It is founded in 2008 in Austin, Texas by the award winning lutenist and early music specialist Slobodan Vujisic. Seven musicians in period costumes with more than 30 authentic period instruments, perform dances and songs of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. A high energy, non-conventional show.  Don't miss this!  Open to the public.

Wed: Aaron Lack, percussionist extraordinaire!  Aaron is an amazing musician who has played vibraphone, drums, steelpan, congas and other percussion instruments with countless groups throughout North America and Europe.  This will be a lot of fun!

Thurs:  Chiara Stella!  Chiara Stella is a youth performance group of standout guitarists from the Childbloom Guitar Program.  They have performed many shows in the Austin area, and play a array of music from around the world.  These musicians are a great example of what hard working and talented young guitarists can do!

Fri:  TBD

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We teach all students ages 6 through high school, beginner to advanced. We offer classes designed specifically for each age group and talent level.

June 18-23, 2018